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Peter Bosher

Community Engagement Lead, Sound Without Sight

Background: Audio Producer; Sound Engineer, BBC; Assistive Music Technology
Trainer, SoundLinks;  Trustee, TAVIP (Technology Association of Visually
Impaired People)

Other experience in: creation of the VIBE email list for visually impaired musicians; many musical roles; project management; studio management

Photo of Peter Bosher

“In 2020, I brought together a steering group consisting of people with experience in the field of supporting visually impaired people, representatives of the music industry and music academia. The goal is to support VI people in music and audio, for work, education, and leisure. We developed a clear project brief, but we needed somebody to work on putting this into practice. As a partially sighted sound engineer with a track record of working with successful musicians, Jay has proved to be a valuable addition to the group: so much so, that we have agreed to merge the work with his excellent Sound Without Sight project.

I previously set up the VIBE community email list for visually impaired musicians, the experience from which we will be able to call upon for Sound Without Sight.

My work has always been linked with adaptive technology. For a few years I worked as RNIB’s Project Manager for digital media, and edited their “Access IT” magazine, before becoming a trainer in adaptive technology. I am a sound engineer and musician and am keen to promote the accessibility of audio and music technology.”