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Adelaide Jang asked 2 weeks ago

Im buying a pickup, a loop pedal and a Scarlett Solo. What plugs in where, and does it go straight into my streaming software OBS or do I have to use Ableton or some other expensive program? I just want to live stream harp loops

marshall fairbrother replied 2 weeks ago

Depends on the connection from the pickup. if it’s a 1/4 inch cable then pickup into loop pedal then loop pedal in to input 1 of the interface. if the pickup has an XLR connection then you might well need to get an XLR to 1/4 cable to go from the pickup to the loop pedal. Also, are you on a mac or PC? really need to know that before answering any software questions

1 Answers
Jay Staff answered 2 weeks ago
Hi Adelaide, have you decided which pickup and loop pedal you'll be buying? The pickup should connect to the loop pedal, and then the loop pedal to the Scarlett. When connected to your computer, the audio input from the Scarlett should show up as an audio input source in OBS - no need for additional software.
Adelaide Jang replied 2 weeks ago

Fishman harp pickup and lekato loop pedal. Also thought I might need 2 6.35mm jack male to male cables. One to connect pickup to loop and one from loop to the instrument input on the scarlett?

Jay Staff replied 1 day ago

Hi Adelaide, that’s correct.