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Tomorrow! Tune into the MIDI Association’s Music Accessibility session from NAMM Show 2024, featuring Sound Without Sight

I am very grateful to the MIDI Association for the opportunity to present an overview of ‘Accessibility and Inclusive Design within Music-making Products’ at the NAMM Show 2024. Also highlighting the MIDI Association’s Music Accessibility Standard initiative, the presentation will be premiere on YouTube at 6pm (UK time) tomorrow, Saturday 9th March 2024.

The presentation explores:

  • Useful definitions for accessibility, usability, and inclusive design in the context of music-making.
  • Why accessibility is important.
  • Why companies should design inclusively.
  • Inclusion in music-making: the current situation.
  • Breaking the loop: what we can do together.
  • Practical inclusive design tips from Tim Yates (Drake Music).
  • Which companies are already supporting accessibility?
  • What needs to happen next?
  • The MIDI Association’s Music Accessibility Standard.

The session then opens up to Q&A between Emanuele Parravicini (Co-Founder, Audio Modeling), Athan Billias (Executive Team, MIDI Association), and me (Jay Pocknell, Project Manager here at Sound Without Sight).

Finally, there is information about how to connect and get involved with both Sound Without Sight and the MIDI Association’s Music Accessibility Standard Special Interest Group.

Please tune in (or set up a reminder to) using the link below:

For more information, on the MIDI Association’s Music Accessibility Standard, check out the following links:

  • Fast Company interviewed Athan Billias and Scott Chesworth of The MIDI Association on the importance of accessibility of music.
  • ‘The Music Accessibility Standard starts to take shape’ – article on

I look forward to sharing further updates from the NAMM Show 2024 very soon.

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