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This weekend: Braille music event at Bristol Braille Technology

Shared on behalf of Bristol Braille Technology.

Calling all Braille music lovers:

Bristol Braille Technology are now opening up the Braille Invention Centre, so that we can gather interested people to try out the Canute Console, and participate in its development.

On Saturday, 13th April, we are holding a Music gathering, where we will be displaying Braille music scores on the nine line by 40 character display on the Canute Console.

This means you will be able to have more than one line of music and the lyrics all on one page, without having to scroll from line to line to gain the whole picture.

We will be meeting at The Braille Invention Centre this Saturday at 12pm, running to 3pm. The address is: G11, 37 Philip St, Bristol, BS3 4EA. The entrance is on the corner of Philip Street and Stillhouse Lane.

Ed Rogers and Steph Sergeant from Bristol Braille and Stuart Lawler from Sight and Sound will be hosting the meeting.

“We will be exploring how multiline Braille can improve access to or the composition and mixing of music. The question to answer: What tools can or should be developed using multiline refreshable Braille to aid music composition and mixing, how shall we test those tools as they are being developed, and what roles do we want to play in that?”

“We will be looking at Braille scores and seeing how possible they are to edit on a Canute Console as-is (without custom software), to discuss the options for porting over music tools to multiline Braille.”

“We are looking for people who are interested in building something exciting with us.” Even if you cannot attend on the day, email what you would like to see developed.  We will do live prototyping of any ideas that have arisen.

James Bowden, RNIB’s Braille Technical Officer, will be bringing a variety of braille music scores to display on the Canute. He will also demonstrate using MuseScore and Sao Mai Braille convertor.

Jay Pocknell, one of RNIB’s Music Support Officers, will be joining the conversation to talk about access to music etc. He runs ‘Sound Without Sight’.

Roger Firman will be sending a recording of his experience of several years of using a Canute with Braille music.

Another exciting development is that we are in touch with MuseScore to discover how well, their new version of MuseScore will work with the Canute Console. In a future event we will be inviting Peter Jonas to explain MuseScore, including six-key input.

Please get in touch to let us know you are interested:

Please let us know the time your train will  be arriving  at Bristol Temple Medes, and we can co-ordinate taxis. You may bring a sighted guide if that would help.  

Bristol Braille will be able to cover standard class travel expenses.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Kind Regards,

Steph Sergeant

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