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Sound Without Sight update – your ideas wanted!

I am incredibly happy to share that Sound Without Sight has received a grant from RNIB’s Elizabeth Eagle-Bott Memorial Fund for the second year running. Firstly, I would like to say on behalf of everyone involved with the project, that we are very grateful for last year’s support, which allowed us to build the structure for this website and create an initial wave of content that we are very proud of. 

Future content

We are excited that this year’s grant will support the project to commission and publish a new item of featured content every two weeks, from July 2023 to June 2024.  

Although Sound Without Sight’s aim is to empower the community to contribute content to the project’s knowledge hub, we also feel that it important that this is supplemented by featured articles from experts from the industry: artists, producers, music technology designers, venues, specialist educators, etc. We would therefore love to reach out to the community to get your ideas to help shape the featured content that we publish.

What gaps in information could this content fill, to support blind and partially sighted people to access a particular aspect of music-making? Which products, opportunities, or solutions would benefit being promoted to the community of blind and partially sighted musicians? Do you know of a musician whose story could help and inspire others? 

Commissioned articles will broadly fit into one of the following categories:

  1. accessing audio production
  2. accessing music notation
  3. accessing performance and instruments 
  4. accessing music industry opportunities and culture 
  5. showcasing inclusive design within music-related products
  6. showcasing blind and partially sighted musicians and the solutions they have found.

How can I help?

Sound Without Sight is intended to be a community-driven initiative, so naturally our users are the heart of everything we do. Please comment your ideas below, or send to:

If you are suggesting a resource or product that already exists, why not sign up for an account and submit an article directly to our knowledge hub? Signing up will also enable you comment on posts and articles, start and join conversations in the forums, and keep up to date via our mailing list. 

Growing the project

With this stream of content confirmed, we will also be reaching out within the music industry and sight loss sector to promote the project over the next few weeks. Please join us in spreading the word! We have collated some useful links below:

Featured articles
Knowledge hub
Sign up form
Elizabeth Eagle-Bott Memorial Fund
Support the project

Thank you very much.

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