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Sound Without Sight featured in international Community Arts Network newsletter

We are excited to have been spotlighted in CAN’s most recent monthly newsletter. CAN is an international network of community arts organisations. At the time of writing, CAN connects 799 organisations across 61 countries.

Discussing Sound Without Sight, CAN writes: “Sound Without Sight is a community-led initiative that collates and commissions resources to support blind and partially sighted musicians, audio engineers, voiceover artists, and other industry professionals, to thrive. The goal for Sound Without Sight is to grow into a thriving community that showcases the work of blind and partially sighted creatives, and how they have navigated the industry to find themselves in their current role.”

CAN’s manifesto

We believe in a revival and reintegration of art into our societies and communities, because we believe arts have a vital role, transformative power and profound responsibility in overcoming today’s grand challenges and shaping a positive future for humanity. We stand for activating arts’ game changing potential and catalytic power to achieve real, meaningful change for all of us.

From our perspective, what we are facing today is not ‘just’ a collection of critical social, environmental, technological and business challenges, but one interconnected, systemic challenge, deeply cultural in nature. And one of the greatest obstacles to real change is that these challenges are complex, interconnected and emergent by their very nature, while our customary tools to deal with them are specialized, targeted and work in silos.

So we feel it is time for arts and artfulness (the unique qualities of the artistic approach) to be considered in more profound ways and be integrated more deeply and synergistically with our already existing arsenal of equally relevant and important capacities, like logical thinking, scientific rigour or business rationale to make a real, tangible impact. Afterall, arts’ power resides exactly in transcending boundaries, in its ability to connect and harmonize, to provoke and reconcile, to heal and inspire and to build a bridge between emotions and rationale.

Our mission is to co-create and evolve the largest diverse and multidisciplinary coalition around arts for impact through an equitable, distributed and dynamic network of collaborators, becoming nodes in each other’s networks, and thereby cross-pollinate to harness latent synergies.

Our purpose is to enable, engage, empower arts-inspired, science-supported, multidisciplinary conversations to build bridges, reframe questions and create new opportunities collaborations between (traditionally) unlikely allies partnerships and communities of artful change makers for impact systems of transformation towards a more just and sustainable society.

“Solving the World’s Biggest Problems Takes Ensembles, Not Soloists”

(Jeffrey Walker)

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