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Paid opportunity – mini artistic exchange with Cuban musician

**This opportunity has now been filled**

“Cultures of Participation” is a Cuba-UK disability network currently being developed by academics and disability organisations in the two countries, including ANCI (the Cuban member-led visual impairment organisation). One of the activities we’re currently working on is a small cultural exchange between UK artists and artists from Granma Province, a rural, mountainous area eastern in Cuba. Two of these artists are performers who are both blind (one singer, one guitarist-singer) and I’m currently looking for blind/visually impaired musicians from the UK to pair them up with. Jose Miguel is a guitarist and singer who mostly plays popular classic Cuban songs but who is also very interested in electronic and dance music; he is currently training to be a music teacher at the University of Granma. Mailenis is a singer, who works across different traditional Cuban forms; she particularly enjoys performing romantic music and ballads. You wouldn’t need to play the same instruments or replicate their interests – just to be interested in learning about their work and sharing your own. 

I have posted information about the work below. If you are interested, please get in touch by emailing: 




3 days’ work, paid at artists union rates of £256 per day.

To be completed in March/April of this year.

First day.

Make/send an existing recording 5-10 minutes of you performing your music and talking about your process – themes, influences, techniques, etc. This doesn’t need to be a high quality recording – phone is fine; it’s to share with the Cuban artists so that they know a bit about you. I have theirs already, and they are simple recordings of a couple of minutes explaining their interests made on their phones, along with a short recording of them singing.

Have a conversation with the artist. This could be by WhatsApp voice message with me or a colleague translating English to Spanish.

Remaining two days.

Work on a musical response to the Cuban artist’s recording and your conversation. We understand that this is a small fee for an initial exchange of ideas. Clearly in two days we’re not expecting a new original piece (although you absolutely can do that). It might be incorporating a theme or technique into something you already play and using the time to practise, or practising an existing song that is new to you. This response should be recorded (reasonable quality this time) and will be shown in Granma Province alongside a live performance by the Cuban artist of their response to your work. It will also be posted to the website of our wider exchange project.

Follow-up, May.

You may be invited to perform at the live screening of a documentary we are making about disability in Cuba. If so (and you accept), you would be paid at musicians union gig rates and reasonable travel expenses would be covered. 

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