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Learning music as a VI person: panel discussion announced for next Monthly Meet-up

We are excited to announce our next Monthly Meet-up and have something extra special lined up for this month! We will be hosting a panel of three very special guests

  • Andre Louis, a renowned jazz composer and music technology accessibility consultant; 
  • Kevin Satizabal, a composer and music journalist, who currently works for the BBC;
  • and Clare Gailans, a braille music teacher and transcriber, and advocate for accessible formats for music notation.

The panel will be comparing and contrasting different approaches to learning and creating music, such as using braille musicnotation, learning by ear, and using notation software to explore digital scores. Join us as we unravel the pros and cons of these approaches!

The session will be taking place on Zoom on Thursday 20th June 2024, 7pm UK time – register below! Of course, everyone is welcome, but we believe this session would be particularly relevant to people interested in exploring new methods of learning, composing, or performing music, and people connected to music education. 

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Advantages of each approach described above.
  • Potential difficulties of each approach and how to overcome them.
  • Suggestions of accessible software options that can support these approaches.
  • Tips for using each method when collaborating with sighted musicians.
  • Is braille music still relevant in the modern world?
  • Is there a ‘better’ method?

This will be a relaxed, informal discussion and audience participation is encouraged. We will be prioritising questions submitted in advance of the event, so we advise that you contact us with any questions you may have so that we can ensure that they are included in the discussion. We hope that there will also be time for Q&A, so that you have the opportunity to ask any questions that may occur to you during the session. 

Please note that this session will be recorded and published on podcasting platforms, so if you contribute during the session, you are consenting to appearing in the recording. This session is open to all ages, but we advise that children or young people wishing to attend the session should be accompanied by an adult.

We hope to see you there!

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About the Meet-up Sessions

Sound Without Sight is a community-led initiative, which collates and commissions resources to support blind and partially sighted musicians, audio engineers, voiceover artists, and other industry professionals to thrive. We want Sound Without Sight to grow into a thriving community that showcases the work of blind and partially sighted creatives, and how they navigated the industry to find themselves in their current role. 

Starting in February 2024, we will be curating monthly virtual Meet-up Sessions, which will bring together established professionals, community members who are just starting out, and everybody in between, creating a space to share knowledge, solutions, and tips for success. 

The sessions will be open, informal, and supportive – we hope that all attendees will feel comfortable to ask questions as well as share advice. Please sign up via the link at the end of this page, as spaces are limited.

How will the Meet-ups be structured?

  1. Each session will begin with a live interview between a headline guest speaker or panel and members of the Sound Without Sight team. The host will ask curated questions, including relevant ones submitted in advance by the community. 
  2. We will then open up to questions and discussion between attendees, which could be about anything related to music or audio. 
  3. Finally, we will round off the session by playing out audio submissions and sharing updates from community members. Got a new release coming out? Tried something new or achieved something that you’d like to share? Let us know at least a week before the session and we’ll carve out time to shout about it!

When and where?

Third Thursday of the month, 7:00pm UK time. Sessions will take place on Zoom and last around an hour, followed by some open Q&A time.

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