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Community member Malachi Tyler announces return of their ‘Malavision’ podcast

Community member Malachi Tyler details the return of their weekly podcast, Malavison, in April.

“Hello everybody, from the 21st of April new episodes will be published, making the frequency weekly again. To celebrate the podcast’s anniversary, which falls on the 10th of April, I will be interviewing an AI, yes, that’s right an AI.
I’ll be asking questions, tips and tricks on how AI is expanding in today’s society and how AI is literally taking over our world.
Is Ai good? Is it taking over? And is AI likely to cure diseases, like dementia, Alzheimer’s and fibromyalgia, expert and scientists say that some medical conditions could be cured by AI and artificial intelligence created technology.
there are even AI devices which help dyslexic people read, and devices which help expand peoples vision, is this good or is this taking away from human jobs, all of these questions will be asked on the podcast.

I also want to get your questions in, please comment your question below to ensure it is captured. You can also record your question at:

You can listen to the podcastat:

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