Logic Band - resources for accessing Logic Pro and Garageband

If you’re blind or visually impaired, and use VoiceOver to access your laptop or computer, then you will know that it is virtually impossible to use a mouse or trackpad, and instead, we have to rely on keyboard shortcuts. This is also the case for using Logic Pro and Garage Band. It is, however, difficult to figure out and memorise every keyboard command, so it is worth looking into Logic Band. 

Logic Band is a site which helpfully, in its own words, provides ”Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials for Blind Logic Pro Keyboard Ninjas & VoiceOver Warriors”. 

Upon signing up to their mailing list, you’ll receive a free course to help get started with Logic Pro; the course walks you through the very basics of installing and navigating logic, to recording and using special effects. It even offers some recommended VoiceOver settings!

Here is a link to access more information, and to sign up to their mailing list:


Last updated byJay on November 15, 2023

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