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Garth Humphreys’ ReaProducer accessible Reaper tutorials

During lockdown in 2020, I decided it was time for me to learn how to use Reaper. I wanted to be able to record myself as a singer and I was also interested in learning music production and get into podcasting. Being totally blind, I wanted an easy, accessible resource so I could learn the basics before joining the Reaper communities out there. I came across these incredible tutorials by Australian producer Garth Humphreys who’s also blind and uses voiceover to show listeners how to get around reaper. Thanks to these tutorials, I learned enough to start recording myself singing and produce my first podcast. And when I eventually joined a Reaper community, it was easier for me to know what to ask for help with so I could advance my knowledge. I highly recommend using Garth’s tutorials if you’d like to get into any kind of audio production. The website can be found here.

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Linn Davies

Linn Davies

I'm a singer, podcaster and journalist.