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Demo: VOCR 2.0 for Mac with Chi Kim and Andre Louis

[From Andre Louis on Logic Accessibility Google Group]:

If you’re a Mac user and also one that relies on VoiceOver, then you may already be familiar with VOCR. If you use VoiceOver but don’t use VOCR, well now’s the best time to start doing that.
If you’re an existing user, this update will hopefully put a huge smile on your face and bring some incredibly useful tools to your Mac.

VOCR 2.0 is a milestone update with too many features to fully list here, but you can find a demo of some of them in the below video, and the link to download is below that.
I sat down with Chi Kim for half an hour to go over as many of the functions as we both could remember.

Some of the new features include:

  • OCR the entire screen or only VoiceOver Cursor
  • Realtime OCR readout of the entire screen or VoiceOver cursor, for those times you may have a video in another language with subtitles that you’re curious about, or for those pesky installers you want to keep an eye on but that aren’t accessible
  • Ability to snap a picture and have it described via GPT 4O, Ollama or Llama CPP
  • Same applies to images on your machine as well.
  • Much, much more.

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Sarah Bayley

Sarah Bayley