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Accessing Pro Tools

As previously discussed, Pro Tools is an industry standard digital audio workstation, which enables musicians to create music using audio tracks, samples, effects, virtual instruments, etc.. 

PTAccess – tutorials for screen reader users

Here is a guide to a step-by-step process on how to access and use Pro Tools —a software which enables musicians to create audio using audio tracks, samples, effects, virtual instruments, et cetera.

The guide is made up of 23 chapters, covering a variety of different topics, such as starting up with the software, basic audio recording, mixing/bouncing and editing, using virtual instruments, and many other skills!


Pro Tools is considered one of the more accessible options for screen reader users, however, the creation of the Flo Tools add-on is a “major” turning point, improving the user experience for blind and visually impaired musicians.

Here is a link with more information about Flo Tools, and how to use it.

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Zenny Jabeera

Zenny Jabeera

I’m a singer/songwriter, and have been singing and writing from a very young age. I’ve had professional vocal training, and I’m hoping to release more of my own music. Sound without site will help me to connect with other musicians such as producers and instrument players, and will allow me to expand my network. I’m also hoping to learn more skills to better myself.