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Hello from our Music Industry Engagement Interns


Since late 2023, the Sound Without Sight project has been very lucky to be working with Sarah and Zenny – our two Music Industry Engagement Interns. They have already helped our knowledge hub to amass over 40 articles, and have been integral to the development of our Monthly Meet-up Sessions, which launch this week.

Sarah and Zenny are with us until the summer, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish between now and then.

Meet Sarah

“Hi, I’m Sarah and I am a 24-year-old musician. In 2022 I graduated with a BA in professional musicianship from the British & Irish Modern Music Institute. My time at BIMM allowed me to gain a better understanding of what’s needed in the music industry and I developed an interest in using music therapy and a passion for inclusivity within music. I am  currently training as a Creative Arts Counsellor, so maintaining good mental health is important to me. I love to sing, and always find ways to link music to every aspect of my life as it helps me make sense of how I experience the world.

I enjoy being a mentor for Look UK, supporting blind and partially sighted young people with an interest in music. My experience in this role helped me realise the importance of self advocacy and of ensuring that opportunities exist for young music-makers to thrive.

I am an intrinsically motivated person and appreciate getting involved with projects that align with my personal values and believe that Sound Without Sight is a much needed platform for VI musicians such as myself.

I am excited to learn new skills that will help me grow as a creative professional and to help expand the project by learning about the lived experiences of other blind and partially sighted musicians.”

Meet Zenny

“I’ve always enjoyed singing and song-writing from a very young age, and my passion for music has only gotten stronger as time has gone on. I also love connecting with, and helping people, hence why I applied for the Sound Without Sight Internship role — because not only would my work be surrounding the topic of music, I’d also be playing a part in helping to create a community that I’m sure many other blind and partially sighted musicians would benefit  from.

Everybody should be able to access music, regardless of their disability, and music as a concept itself is accessible, as are many tools to create it, but it’s still important to make sure that we continue to ensure that all pathways to music are accessible, and that the information to access these pathways are easy to find, and one way to achieve this is with the Knowledge Hub community; not only are blind and partially sighted people able to easily find information, but they are also able to connect with other blind/VI musicians, and merge their knowledge together, whilst connecting and networking at the same time. 

I’m excited to carry on helping to build the community, and am eager to see the positive affect it’ll have on many, all whilst broadening my skill set, and learning new things.”

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