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Singing in a choir without being able to see the director

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      Stephen Parkes

        Hi everyone,

        I wonder if anyone might have any useful suggestions for me. I sing in a (pre-dominantly) barbershop chorus and we have someone currently auditioning to join us who is blind. The thing is, we are heavily reliant on our MD waving his arms around to direct us and give us cues as we sing. Now, this person seems pretty good at following along with the rest of the chorus, but we want them to have an experience as close as possible to what the rest of the choir has. Especially as some of the arrangements can be a little complicated between the four different voice parts (we’re often singing slightly different things between us).

        Does anyone have any suggestions how the director’s visual cues can be translated for a non-sighted person? Or some other way we might be able to support them in this sense? We already have teach tracks for the individual parts – I’m more interested in any possible substitution/aid for the direction aspect.



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