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Partially-sighted and want to learn to play my piano

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      Mike Richman

        Dear members,

        I really hope that somebody on this forum could please advise me of the best way to learn to play.

        I have never been able to read music, so I would like to find a way, or a device that I would be able to see if it was large enough.

        Are there any good and effective ways of a sight impaired person being able to learn?

        If anyone has any useful information,mation which they are happy to share, I would be ebourmoyusly grateful.

        Many thanks in advance and kindest wishes, Mike

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        Leah Seabourne

          Reading music isn’t essential a lot of the time.

          . I personally can kind of read it, but mostly don’t bother. It depends what you want to play.

          Are you interested in more classical-type pieces or more pop, rock, jazz, etc, type things?

          YouTube is a great resource. A lot of tutorials are accessible if you learn the basics of theory — by that I mean note names, scales, chords, etc. This is especially true for pop/rock/etc.

          <There’s a really good tutorial designed to get you up to speed, specifically made for VI people, which I linked below.>

          After that, I’d suggest channels like Bitesize Piano, Amosdoll Music, Pianote, etc.

          I don’t play classical music, but if that’s what you would like to play, you might want to look into Braille music.

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