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Memorisation of Music Round Table

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      Claire Bowes

        Hello everyone. Professor Adam Ockelford and I are holding a round table discussion on memorisation of music through non-visual means on Thursday 1th January 2024 at 1pm in the University of Roehampton. I am keen to research effective memorisation strategies for people with vision impairment and this is an initial round table to explore experiences of memorisation. If you are interested in attending can you please get in touch. Thanks.

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        Hello, unfortunately I won’t be able to attend unless there is also an online option, but you might want to check the date on this one. The date you’ve put in is Thursday, 01/01/2024. However, firstly, this is a Monday, and also you’ve booked this for new years day.
        I just wanted to confirm this is all correct for other users who might want to attend and are confused about the date.

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        Claire Bowes

          Hello Marshall. Thanks for your reply. To confirm the round table is on Thursday 11th January 2024 at 1pm. There will be the opportunity to join the round table online if this is more accessible.

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