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How do you listen to accessibility prompts without interfering with main mix?

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      Brian Walton

        I have been doing some work with a couple of synth and audio processor devices which are standalone units, not desktop or laptop computers. I am adding various features to improve accessibility which include a dedicated audio output carrying spoken word and tone prompts for users that cannot use the graphical interfaces. The idea is to allow the device to feed its production sound to its main audio ouput and for this to be mixed with the accessiblity audio and fed to another ouput, e.g. the headphones. This is great if the user only has the one device but users have multiple devices including computers with screen readers, etc.

        My question is, how do you connect your devices to allow you to hear voice prompts from more than one device and allow the production audio to reach its target without these prompts? Do you use a mixing desk? Do your devices have seperate outputs for production and accessibility audio? Is there a common or standard mechanism for combining accessibility audio to a common target, e.g. headphone or speaker output?

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        Chris Turner

          Typically screenreader DAW users will have 2 sound devices. One for speech and the other for audio production. In the past I’ve used a small cheap mixer to take the outputs from both and feed to headphones / monitors. This is just a home set up. Currently I’m using a Soundcraft mixer / interface and I’ve sacrificed a couple of the inputs to have my default sound device feed into it, so I can hear everything on the same headphones. Not ideal as is a bit wasteful. I could just listen to the screenreader over the speakers connected to the first sound device but if I’m using headphones, I want everything there.

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