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      Juho Tuomainen

        Hello everyone on the forum,
        I am Juho Tuomainen, a 25-year-old Barchelor of Business Administration (with an ICT emphasis) and currently a hobbyist musician but have had trouble starting my professional career because of several reasons. I would want to clarify you that I have not been able to find a mentor who would guide me in things such as finding an artist-centered recording label and making contacts accessibly with tour managers and a manager. One big step forward was the We’re with U Virtual Benefit Concert for the blind Ukrainians, held on April 14th, 2022 at Mushroom FM and other online radio stations. My song “I Miss You Very Much” was also played there and since I did not have (and currently do not have the band yet), I recorded played and mixed everything myself. The song, however, was not fully ready for release as I had very little (two days) practical and realistic time to make it, but when thinking the time, I used it very efficiently and am quite satisfied with the end result (nb: this was my first public mixing work). Also, it was very nice to listen a part of the 11-hour-long concert live from Mushroom FM and the rest of the concert afterwards and it was also nice to be a part of something big for the greater good. I would also want to tell you that I am the Chair (or the so-called leader in the conferences) of the Music Accessibility Standard Special Interest Group (MASSIG) powered by The MIDI Association. However, The MIDI Association is all-volunteer-based, meaning that nothing would happen until the members of the association and their special interest groups would decide to do something for free and voluntarily. Luckily, the MASSIG was formed and had its first meeting on May 1st, 2023. Currently, we have a good, strong and passionate group of people wanting to improve the accessibility in the music software (such as the DAWs and plugins) and music hardware (such as USB mixers, soundcards and MIDI keyboards). Our representers include Athan Billias, the Presidewnt of The MIDI Associations and WG (Working Group) Scribe, Vanessa Faschi (the Backup Chair of the WG), Scott Chesworth (a blind musician and producer from London) and Jay Pocknell (a Music Suppport Officer on the Media, Culture and Immersive Technologies Team
        of RNIB. I am also the person posting updates (in addition to Mr. Athan Billias, the President of The MIDI Association) to the KVR Audio forum thread called “Music Accessibility Standard /MAS)”. You can find the discussion by going to The “Music Accessibility Standard” Topic at the Everything Else (Musc Related) Forum at KVR Audio.

        Regarding the musical style, even though I would now want to release some solo (and most likely instrumental) music, my biggest dream is to form a progressive Christian heavy metal band, combining the elements of the Finnish heavy metal band Nightwish with the progressive elements of Genesis, synthesizer sounds of the 70s and 80s and modern ones, and Greek music elements like the bouzouki and Greek rhythms in some tracks. However, my solo projects would most likely be ambient/new age songs, containing the elements of the Electronic Music Pioneer, Mr. Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and similar artists. I am also a member of Teosto which is a Finnish Copyright Association for music makers, and am considering joining to GRAMEX which is n Finnish organization controlling the rights of the live performers. The possible recording labels for my Christian metal band would be Spinefarm Records UK, an Austrian-based recording label Napalm Records, a well-known German recording label Nucleart Blast Records (sometimes referred to, if I remember correctly, as “Nuclear Blast Entertainment”) or an Italian heavy metal recording company Frontiers Records. You can listen to the song “I Miss You Very Much” on my SoundCloud by going to the following SoundCloud page:
        I am looking forward to getting comments from the Sound Without Sight community!
        Kind regards,
        Juho Tuomainen

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        Jessica Tomlinson

          Hello Juho,
          I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work founding the MASIG and bringing people together around this issue. Yesterday I went online and listened to the MIDI Association’s panel discussion from the NAMM show where they spoke about this working group and its goals. I signed up to receive information about it, and hope that this will give us a way to communicate directly with companies and / or participate in user research around devices and plugins. So many times, I have tried to contact companies via standard web forms to gently suggest possible accessibility implementations in future versions, and they are almost never answered. I would very much like to help change this. All the best with your continued work.

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