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Jay Pocknell

    Hi Marshall,

    Pro Tools introduced the ‘Export Selected Range’ feature recently, in version 2023.9, which sounds like it’ll do exactly what you want.

    Just to preface the rest of my reply with the fact that I don’t use VoiceOver with Pro Tools, so I’m not sure whether your modifier key will clash with the shortcuts below. FloTools may have replaced the key combos if so – worth asking the question on the following Google Group too:

    If you’re stuck with an older version of Pro Tools, and each track in the session has one long consolidated audio file for the whole album, then I’d suggest trying the following:

    1. Enable ‘Link Timeline and Edit Selection’ and ‘Link Track and Edit Selection’.
    2. Select the timeline range that you want for the first song.
    3. Select all tracks.
    4. Press B (or command+E) to break the long recordings at the start and end of your selection on the timeline. This will create clips just for the range that you have selected.
    5. Press command+shift+K to bring up the window that allows you to export these clips.

    Alternatively, if there is no unwanted space between each song, you could break the long consolidated stems by placing the edit cursor at the end of each song, select all tracks, and then B (or command+E). You could then select each song and export using command+shift+K.

    The timeline selection processes are explained much better in the following tutorial: