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Bobby Goulder

A highly versatile musical director, arranger, composer and pianist, Bobby’s work has taken him to venues such as the National Theatre, Royal Albert Hall, Cadogan Hall, and to tours and festivals across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia & the Antipodes. His work has been featured on Classic FM, Decca Records, BBC One, Radio 5Live, Radio Wales, Comedy Central and Sky Sports. His work ethic and natural, accomplished musicianship have made him a favourite among theatres, record labels and arts venues. ​Bobby has an eyesight condition called Stargardt's Macular Dystrophy which prevents him from sight-reading music and carrying out many everyday tasks. However, this gives him a unique opportunity to approach music from a different angle and has helped his aural skills develop to an extraordinarily high level. He holds a 1st-class BA in Music from Oxford University and trained in Music Production and Sound Engineering at Abbey Road Institute.