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Welcome to ‘Sound Without Sight’

We are very happy to be going live with the first iteration of our new platform and community hub to support, promote, and connect blind and partially sighted musicians and audio engineers.

If you would like to register, please click below:


Sound Without Sight is a new non-profit initiative, aimed at supporting sight-impaired people in the fields of audio and music. We will: showcase blind and partially sighted talent, highlight how accessibility barriers can be overcome, combine collective knowledge, and challenge stereotypes.

Photo of blind musician Andre Louis playing keyboard as part of a band in a studio.

Our focus areas

We will support the blind and partially sighted community to access:

  1. Audio production: recording, editing, mixing, etc.
  2. Music notation: reading and composing, obtaining accessible scores, screen access technologies, etc.
  3. Performance: instrumental, vocal, speech; individual or group; beginner or professional.

Combining knowledge

Help us compile a hub of experience and useful advice, to support blind and partially sighted people to engage fully with music and audio related activities.

Photo of a blind street musician playing accordion.

Showcasing talent and new developments

We will promote the work of our community, providing a platform to get noticed. The project will encourage the sharing of accessible ways of working, to help break down barriers and inspire others.

Photo of blind musician Olga Koeva playing a church organ.

Community collaboration

Sound Without Sight’s users will be able to connect, collaborate, and support each other.

Photo of a blind singer recording vocals in a studio
A photo of a reel to reel tape machine taken through a monocular.
A photo of two guitars taken through a monocular.
Photo of a Roland Space Echo RE-201 taken through a monocular

Want to get involved?